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    Your tax-deductible gift to the Bay State Animal Cooperative helps ensure animals in distress receive the care they need, as well as a chance to be adopted into a caring home.


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    Our mission is to practice a no-kill philosophy while providing humane resources and services aimed at reducing animal overpopulation and unnecessary suffering for companion, stray, relinquished and feral animals.

    We work cooperatively with other humane organizations, local municipalities and the community to develop and implement programs including but not limited to: low-cost spay/neuter assistance, low-cost medical care, trap-neuter-return (TNR), community outreach programs and events, sheltering and adoption, mobile medical, adoption and education services, fundraising events, and a sanctuary.

    We are funded by donations and operate entirely by volunteers.

    BSAC is a 501(c)3 charitable/non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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    Our BSAC

    A little bit about us

    An Intro to BSAC.


    About Louise

    Louise is a friendly stray that was adopted to a family with children. Her family had to move and they were unable to take Louise with them. She is an interesting cat that is strong-willed yet enjoyed being part of a family. Louise did well in a busy homelife environment.


    About Dorothy

    Dorothy is a very healthy 12 year old female calico. She has a beautiful fluffy coat that she keeps impeccably clean. She is sweet and loves to snuggle. Her present loving family is growing and possibly the new dynamics is causing some distress behaviors that the growing family can no longer accommodate.

    Dorothy has a cat buddy named Calvin.They have been together the last 12 years and are the best of friends who get along very well together as playmates and sleep buddies. Would love for them to go to a nice loving home as a pair, as they have never been apart.


    About Calvin

    Calvin is a 14 year old orange tabby male. His present loving family is growing and possibly the new dynamics is causing some distress behaviors that the growing family can no longer accommodate. Calvin is a loving and smart cat. He is healthy and young at heart. Right now he is sporting a brand new lion haircut.

    Calvin has a cat buddy named Dorothy. They have been together the last 12 years and are the best of friends who get along very well together as playmates and sleep buddies. Would love for them to go to a nice loving home as a pair, as they have never been apart.


    About Bear

    My buddy Puddles and I used to live in the same home and had to be surrendered when our owner moved to a no cat housing situation. My owner always considered me to be a bright and friendly feline. I would prefer to go to a home with no dogs.

    I would love to be adopted with Puddles to a forever home that would like to have 2 beautiful house cats.


    About Puddles

    I have been in a great home for all my life but my owner could not take me to his new living arrangement. I am docile, sweet and very handsome. If you are looking for a great house cat- consider me please.Even better, please consider adopting me and my buddy -Bear. We have been together all our lives. We are great companions for each other.



    About Goldie

    Goldie is a great descriptive name for this wonderfully colored, orange tiger kitty. He is not young but he is surely wise and humble. Estimated age is 8 years old. Sadly, Goldie’s elderly human mom passed away and the family was unable to take him in. Goldie's owner was wheelchair bound and Goldie was comfortable being a lap cat. Goldie was very affectionate with the the staff at the facility where her owner was getting her care and always welcomed their pats and treats. Thankfully, one of our volunteers was in the right place at the right time to welcome him to our community of cats seeking new homes. He is a bit distraught living in a strange place without all the luxuries of a home but is coming along just fine. Goldie was not exposed to other cats or small children so that is something to consider if interested in adopting him.
    Please consider this handsome boy!



    About Baby

    You can visit all of cats during Petco's store hours.

    Baby is currently in foster care as she was a bit stressed out at the adoption center. She has since settled in at the foster home and loves to be pet and enjoys being on the computer while you type. She may even add her own words to your work. She purrs and surely wants human interaction. Baby is very petite and would prefer a less active home to come out of her shell. Consider her as an addition to your home today.



    About Cecil

    Cecil is a friendly, sweet and quite handsome, FIV cat. This cat was brought to us by a kind man who was feeding Cecil everyday outside his apartment. The man was unable to bring Cecil inside his home but felt sure he would be a great companion for someone. When first rescued he was matted and a bit underweight. Now he is cleaned up, eating well and living in foster care till he can find his forever home.

    Please call and make an appointment to meet this very sweet cat!


    Hey Dude!

    This handsome gray cat is presently in foster. He was rescued from a large colony and was observed to be friendly. He is sweet and affectionate.This animal has Feline Leukemia and would have to be an only cat or in a home where the other cats are vaccinated against leukemia. You can come and meet him in his foster placement.


    About Spike

    He is an older cat. we think 5+ years. Has FIV. Gets along great with other cats but does not like dogs. He is quite a character.

    He is in foster care so visitation is by appointment only.

    We require an adoption application which can be obtained on our website at www.baystateanimals.org/Adoption.


    Here's Carla!

    Aww she’s so adorable, long haired, black and white with a face you just want to squeeze and kiss. BUT DON’T, Miss Carla will not allow such coddling. Carla was dumped at a veterinary hospital when her personality no longer met the needs of the home she was in. We are sure as a cute fluffy kitten she did though. This happens oh to often. Cute fluffy kittens develop their own personalities and no longer fit the model “kitten” the family once had. She prefers to make your couch, bed or computer look beautiful and show it off to company while she stays clear of hands-on affection. Carla is a drama queen who can co-exist among other cats in a large enough space as long as they realize she is the boss. Currently she co-exists with another passive cat and small dog, teen and adult humans in foster. Carla would prefer a less active home where she can be the center of attention enjoying the window perch, sofa, or any cat friendly furniture at her leisure. Carla will play with toys and is a pleasure to watch. Over time, we truly believe, with a patient owner, she will pan out to be a human-friendly cat! We are seeking alternate foster care or the right new home for our Carla. Could this be you?


    Hi, I'm Luna!

    My name is Luna, I was found living outside an apartment complex where my previous owners left me cold and hungry. Now I am in foster care and couldn't be any happier, my belly is always full and there is lots of love in this home. My foster parents have a dog and two cats and it doesn't matter to me at all, I like to get along with everyone. I'm looking for a home forever so I can be a companion, I like to be scratched on the head and I also like my belly rubbed. If you think I sound like a good match please send an application so BSAC can make sure I find a happy, healthy and safe home.

    - Luna

    p.s. I'm about 3 years old and have cronic rhinitis which is another way of saying I have a runny nose. Doctors don't know what causes it, but my foster parents keep trying to figure it out


    Meet Baby

    My name is Baby. I had a great owner who passed away and his family took me in until they moved and couldn't keep me anymore. I am sweet and lovable and very friendly. If you think I sound like a good match please send an application so BSAC can make sure I find a happy, healthy and safe home. You can download the apps on our Adoption page!


    Merry Go Round

    Merry Go Round is a six month old female. She's currently in foster. She's a bit standoffish but obviously enjoys living inside over living in the streets. Got room for her among your cats?! Consider adopting her! Download an application at www.baystateanimals.org and email to info@baystateanimals.org!

  • Adoption

    Click here to see our cats on Petfinder! Click here to download our Adoption Applications

    You can visit some of our adoptable pets at PETCO’s Adoption Facility in the Norwood store on Rt 1 Norwood, MA during regular store hours. Please note that handling of the animals can only be done by making an appointment so that we may have one of our volunteers assist you. For an appointment, contact us via email at info@baystateanimals.org. Our volunteer hours are as follows:


    Monday - Friday 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 700 PM

    Saturday - Sunday 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM


    Please bring all members of your household.


    Please try not to get attached to a particular cat. Our adoption counselors are trained to work with you to find the best match for your household.


    When submitting an adoption application, please include information about your past and current pets, veterinarian, your housing situation, etc.


  • How to Help

    Many companies support the philanthropic interests of their employees by offering to match employee gifts. We are currently partners with Bank of America and State Street Bank. Monetary contributions can also be made for the time you volunteer to our organization, please inquire! Please contact the appropriate representative at your employer such as Human Resources department to find out if they match contributions to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. It is an easy way to make your generosity go even further in helping animals.


    Volunteer! We can always use an extra pair of hands.

    Some volunteer opportunities include:

    Cage cleaning, feeding and socialization of shelter cats at Petco adoption center

    Foster parenting

    Adoption application specialist (we will train you)

    Adoption counselor (we will train you)

    Miscellaneous volunteer opportunities include:

    animal transport to and from vet appointments,

    fund raising,

    food sorting,

    adoption meet and greet representative,

    and more....

    New volunteer ideas are always welcome!

    Please fill out a volunteer application form.


    If you or your company own a van or truck that can be used to transport donated food items, we could use your help. The Greater Boston Food Bank collects pet food for distribution. We could use your vehicle to bring these items to Norwood. The miles that you drive for us, are tax deductible.


    Here is a wish list of items we can always use and will graciously accept:

    Any unopened Cat food, wet or dry.

    Kitten food, wet and dry, is always needed.

    Kitten KMR replacement milk, saves lives of many orphaned kittens each year.

    Scratching posts.


    Cat Litter, lots and lots of cat litter!

    The following tick and flea products: Frontline, Advantage, Adams flea bombs, and products available online like: Capstar (flea control-under 9 lb wt. dose), Vet. Chem Carpet, Yard and animal flea sprays and powders.

    Inquire via email if you want resources for these products.

    Let us know via email, and we will gladly arrange for pickup.

    Attend Special Events

    Keep an eye on our web site for special events. From time to time we have fund raising events. For example, during the holiday season we have photos with Santa for your pet! A portion of each photo purchased is donated to the Bay State Animal Cooperative.


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