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    Your tax-deductible gift to the Bay State Animal Cooperative helps ensure animals in distress receive the care they need, as well as a chance to be adopted into a caring home.


    We gratefully accept any amount. If you would like to pay by check, please make checks payable to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. and mail to:

    Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc.
    47 Windsor Road
    Norwood, MA 02062

  • About BSAC

    Our mission is to practice a no-kill philosophy while providing humane resources and services aimed at reducing animal overpopulation and unnecessary suffering for companion, stray, relinquished and feral animals.

    We work cooperatively with other humane organizations, local municipalities and the community to develop and implement programs including but not limited to: low-cost spay/neuter assistance, low-cost medical care, trap-neuter-return (TNR), community outreach programs and events, sheltering and adoption, mobile medical, adoption and education services, fundraising events, and a sanctuary.

    We are funded by donations and operate entirely by volunteers.

    BSAC is a 501(c)3 charitable/non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


  • Board of Directors

    Marcia Motta

    Founder and President

    I founded the Bay State Animal Cooperative, a 501(c)3 animal rescue organization in 2009 and proudly serve as the volunteer President, foster caregiver, treasurer and trapper. As an animal advocate since childhood, I am proud to stand by other passionate volunteers and directors that help mold this organization. I have supported a no-kill philosophy since I can remember and it is the back-bone of my everyday life with animals.


    Animal rescue, advocacy, support and welfare has been my destiny and I have actively pursued this passion since the early 1980’s. Though it all began in 1964 in a small town in NH where I raised with an array of rodents, rabbits, dogs, reptiles and great “human” family support.


    I currently share my home with my husband, teenage son, his adopted cat, Zeus our dog and many long and short-term foster cats. I have two grown independent daughters who both share their lives with adopted cats.


    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Emmanuel College. I have completed many animal science and veterinary technician courses with the goal to become a certified veterinary technician. Additionally, I have held many roles over the years involving animals including; TNR specialist, executive director of another no-kill rescue group, member of the mass animal coalition, partnering with animal control officers, rescues, businesses and schools to educate and assist with feline rescue and adoption.


    As a professional pet sitter and dog walker I feel lucky to be able to share every day with animals while assisting their owners. I also work part-time remotely for the world's largest online destination for care. The coordination of many past and present part-time professions has allowed me to rescue, care for, adopt and spay/neuter thousands of felines over the past 20 years of my life while experiencing many memories with my friends and family.


    Though life is hectic and a bit overwhelming at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Rita Crowell

    Vice President

    I am a retired high school Science Department Director with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters degree. I taught for 30 years and have had various volunteer experiences throughout that time.


    My experience with BSAC has grown by stages. BSAC was the group that I first encountered as a result of kitten visitors in my yard. I needed help and BSAC had suggestions and advice. After a short time, my interest in cats, the attitude of the public towards cats, and how I could help to make the lives of cats and kittens better sent me in a new direction. Educating individuals to help themselves and the cats in their neighborhoods are important to me. BSAC provided the framework for my interests and a way to move forward to provide that help. The goals of the organization are core values that I can support. As a result I became the BSAC shelter manager at a place where myself, and many volunteers would house and care for cats and kittens that were waiting for forever homes.

    I am an ardent supporter of animal rights using various internet petition sites, including paid memberships to many animal support groups


    My present position at BSAC is vice president. I perform various volunteer functions in the group:


    Maintain the pictures and bios on Petfinder of our available cats and kittens

    Track of all trapping equipment (including pickup and delivery)

    • Perform TNR (trap, neuter, return) in the community and track colony locations
    • Provide temporary foster care for many cats and kittens that are transitioning to foster or adoptive homes
    • Build and maintain shelters and feeding stations for feral cat colonies
    • Transport cats to doctor appointments, spay/neuter
    • Post pictures and biographies of our cats in a flyer that is
    • distributed to vet offices and clinics and pet stores
    • Process adoption applications, when added help is needed

    MIchelle Taranto


    I am the volunteer coordinator with the Bay State Animal Cooperative and could not be happier with my choice of volunteer work. I was first introduced to Bay State approximately 18 years ago when I was looking for a companion for my adult cat. I was introduced to a friendly feral cat named Cinnamon, and while my family thought my cat was too attached to me to share his home, it could not have been a better fit. They were best friends, and Cinnamon is still with me today at 20 years old!


    I started out volunteering with fundraising and administration and was happy to expand my services to volunteer coordinator and working with the cats within our adoption center. I am proud to be a member of BSAC not only because of their no-kill philosophy, but also with its dedication to providing valuable resources to reduce animal overpopulation, assisting pet owners who would otherwise have not humane alternative and educating young and old about rescuing and caring for animals. I also attracted to BSAC as the organization takes in special needs and older cats and will care for them until the exact fit if found...as long as it take. There is no better feeling than finding the purrfect forever home for our beloved felines and brightening the lives of their new families.


    I currently have three cats, all adopted through BSAC. I am a Realtor with Keller Williams and love the fact that I not only help find homes for people but for cats who, without BSAC, might not benefit from a second chance to be part of a loving family.

    Holly Rand


    As the Foster Coordinator for Bay State Animals, I coordinate foster care for kittens, pregnant mom's, feral cats, surrenders and all other animals that the organization takes in. I became involved with the organization after adopting a severely abused cat (New Kitty-as my boys have sweetly named her) in the Spring of 2013. Bay State took her in and gave her the medical care that she desperately needed. I am grateful to say that she is a wonderful addition to our home that includes two other resident rescue kitties and a hamster.


    One year after adopting New Kitty, we took in a foster Mom who gave birth to 8 beautiful and healthy kittens. It was a wonderful experience for my family and the the entire crew was adopted out of our foster home.


    The dedication of this group of volunteers tor reduce animal overpopulation, support feral colonies and care for animals that are often neglected for medical or behavioral issues inspired me to become more involved. I joined the Board of Directors and assist with various duties include Volunteer Drives, Adoption events. Fundraising and helping transition cats to the permanent homes.


    I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and work full time as a Physician Assistant in Cardiology. I am a mother of two precocious boys that enjoy helping with the amazing group of kitties that have come through our home.

    Jennifer Rose


    It can be argued, that Atticus Finch, the Rose family cat, demanded that I become involved in saving and serving the feline population. The wise old tuxedoed tomcat’s incessant admonitions finally evinced a want in me to serve the cat-community. Since 2011 I have worked for the Bay State Cooperative in the capacity of board member, trap neuter return, custodian, care giver. Among my responsibilities for Bay State, I coach for Mass Special Olympics, while maintaining a full position at Doody Calls. My life long love of cats keeps my passions alive, working car washes, raffles, and sales all to raise monies for the Cooperative. When I get home after a days work for the co-op, Atticus looks up from his bed. “Doing good?” he asks. I smile, and nod and pet him. “See?” he says, “Everyone should be helping. One cat at a time, Jen.” I nod, Atticus goes back to sleep.

    Robin Morgan


    I am the Director of Social Media at BSAC, and work with BSAC to continue to practice a no-kill philosophy while providing humane resources and services aimed at reducing animal overpopulation and unnecessary suffering for companion, stray, relinquished and feral animals.


    I began volunteering at Bay State Animal Cooperative in 2012 out of a great love for animals. I have two cats, Luna and Linus, who are 5 year old siblings. Linus is completely blind and has a muscular-skeletal disorder that limits his range of movement. I believe adopting them made me to want to give back more and led me to BSAC .I started as a volunteer cleaning cages and socializing the cats in the shelter and then became an adoption counselor and foster mother for cats and kittens in need of a temporary home. When the BSAC website needed a complete redesign, I volunteered to do the work. I now maintain the website and the BSAC Facebook page. I am the mother of two girls and work fulltime. I hold a Bachelor of Science in English Literature and am a Certified Agile Project Management Consultant.

  • Our Cats

    Information, Successes, and Featured Cats for Adoption

    Applications can be downloaded here

    Our BSAC

    An Intro to BSAC.

    Merry Go Round

    About Merry Go Round

    Merry Go Round is a rescue from a backyard where a kind man was feeding Merry and 2 other litter mates and the mom. Merry is now ready to be adopted and might be best suited to a calm environment where she can explore her environment and have a sunny window to sit in. She is a youngster and has a longtime ahead of her to enjoy a forever home with someone. I am in foster so if you want to meet me, please

    make an appointment- I'll be waiting to meet you.



    About Binx

    Binx is a very lucky cat indeed. She is a young adult that was hit by a car in 2016 and a kind person rushed her to a nearby animal hospital. She recovered quickly from her bumps and bruises and now lives in a foster home. The foster is a caring person and her kind, gentle nature is perfect for this lovely, sweet cat. Binx has a beautiful,soft black coat and likes being held,brushed and petted.
    Binx's present living space is small and is being shared with 2 other cats. Her foster mom thinks it would be wonderful to see Binx have a somewhat larger home area to explore.
    She is ready for a new forever home!


    About Nina

    Nina is a young female that was rescued with her kittens from a backyard.
    She is affectionate and a good couch companion, preferring to sit next to you and be petted rather than being picked up. Nina lives comfortably with a dog and another cat. She is ready for her own forever home.


    About Steve

    Steve is a handsome, domestic gray and white short hair adult cat who has FIV and feline Leukemia that had been roaming a Norwood neighborhood for over 6 months now. He had been observed interacting with other wandering neighborhood cats. Neighbors suspect that Steve was left behind by a previous owner. When brought in by a caring person, he immediately knew litterbox behaviors and understood that a cozy couch or bed was better than the hard floor. He is a gentle cat, social, loves to eat, and will come when you call him. He enjoys being petted, can be picked him up, and has a loud meow. The person taking care for Steve while he awaits a forever home, did caution that Steve has an intense interest in her pet parrot and that a bird free home might be best.
    Please consider this handsome cat for your family or consider making a donation toward his medical care while in Foster.


    About Mama

    Mama is a sweet young female cat that loves to talk and play. She loves to nap in her bed and to get chin scratches and belly rubs. She is very playful and will greet you at the door with meows and head butts. She is a great cat who is timid when she first meets you, but she won't stay shy for long.
    She would be fine with other cats but also would be fine by herself. She takes a bit to warm up but once she does, she’s a sweetheart.

    Buffy (Declawed)

    About Buffy

    Buffy was recently surrendered to our shelter. She is a healthy, active, and playful 13 year old tabby. After her elderly caretaker passed away, Buffy and her sister Jewl, now need immediate foster placement or someone who would like to adopt these girls together. Both the cats are declawed and have lived together for 13 years. If you are interested in having 2 mature, healthy cats then these girls would be perfect for you. 2 great cats already to take up some space sitting in a sunny window in your home!

    Jewl (Declawed)

    About Jewl

    This beautiful, healthy 13 year old tabby has just been surrendered to us because her elderly owner passed away. After Jewl gets to know you she would love to nap in your lap and be petted. Jewl and her sister, Buffy, are both declawed and have always been together. Both cats are quite playful and waiting for a warm bed or cozy lap.
    We are seeking someone that will foster or adopt both cats since they are a bonded pair.

  • Adoption

    Click here to see our cats on Petfinder! You can apply online here or download our Adoption Application in Word Format.

    You can visit any of our cats by appointment to see them in their foster homes. Please note this can only be done by making an appointment so that we may have one of our volunteers assist you. For an appointment, contact us via email at info@baystateanimals.org.

    Please bring all members of your household.

    Please try not to get attached to a particular cat. Our adoption counselors are trained to work with you to find the best match for your household.

    When submitting an adoption application, please include information about your past and current pets, veterinarian, your housing situation, etc.

  • How to Help

    Many companies support the philanthropic interests of their employees by offering to match employee gifts. We are currently partners with Bank of America and State Street Bank. Monetary contributions can also be made for the time you volunteer to our organization, please inquire! Please contact the appropriate representative at your employer such as Human Resources department to find out if they match contributions to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. It is an easy way to make your generosity go even further in helping animals.


    Volunteer! We can always use an extra pair of hands.

    Some volunteer opportunities include:

    Foster parenting

    Adoption application specialist (we will train you)

    Adoption counselor (we will train you)

    Miscellaneous volunteer opportunities include:

    animal transport to and from vet appointments,

    fund raising,

    food sorting,

    adoption meet and greet representative,

    and more....

    New volunteer ideas are always welcome!

    Please fill out a volunteer application form.


    If you or your company own a van or truck that can be used to transport donated food items, we could use your help. The Greater Boston Food Bank collects pet food for distribution. We could use your vehicle to bring these items to Norwood. The miles that you drive for us, are tax deductible.


    Here is a wish list of items we can always use and will graciously accept:

    Any unopened Cat food, wet or dry.

    Kitten food, wet and dry, is always needed.

    Kitten KMR replacement milk, saves lives of many orphaned kittens each year.

    Scratching posts.


    Cat Litter, lots and lots of cat litter!

    The following tick and flea products: Frontline, Advantage, Adams flea bombs, and products available online like: Capstar (flea control-under 9 lb wt. dose), Vet. Chem Carpet, Yard and animal flea sprays and powders.

    Inquire via email if you want resources for these products.

    Let us know via email, and we will gladly arrange for pickup of any donations.


    Keep an eye on our web site for special events. From time to time we have fund raising events.


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