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Bryce Needs Our Help!

Leptospirosis is damaging his kidneys...

· Bryce BSAC GoFundMe

Bryce is a young dog, only five years old, who just wants to be friends with every person and animal he meets. He truly is the sweetest. Unfortunately, Bryce contracted a rare bacterial infection in his kidneys called leptospirosis. Thomas has already spent thousands, including his entire savings to help Bryce make it through. He had exhausted all of his finances but refuses to give up hope on his best friend. Thomas’s love for Bryce required him to ask for help. This has required Thomas to surrender his dog, his best friend, to Bay State Animal Cooperative to seek the medical attention Bryce needs. This is the epitome of selfless love. What Bryce needs immediately in order to survive is dialysis, which costs well over $10,000. We are seeking all possible donations and financial suggestions to help save this beautiful pup’s life.

While we have raised over $1,000, that is just a fraction of what is needed to give Bryce the chance he deserves. Please consider donating at: