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Cats + Community = Win-Win!

Animals and community being involved together leads to good things. Improved health, psychological well-being, and social skills are just a few of the benefits. Seeking a small piece of property to create a community focused animal rescue/shelter to continue the activities we already provide! We are ready to move forward once we have a piece of land.....just ask us!

BSAC is a recognized 501(c)-3 rescue organization. Donations to the Furrrever Home Fund can be sent directly to: BSAC, Inc., Furrrever Home Fund, 47 Windsor Rd., Norwood, Ma. 02062 (no administration fees are lost if donations are sent directly to the corporate address). If you do not designate the allocation of your much needed donation, it will be used for our regular programs: veterinary care, feral feeding, and supplies for daily care.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page to learn more about our capital campaign to open our own central location to share our services with others and save more feline lives in the process! Look periodically for updates as new activity happens! Thank you in advance!