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Hello from Luna!

I’m about three, and was found living outside an apartment complex where my previous owners left me cold and hungry. Now I am in foster care and couldn't be happier! My foster parents have a dog and two cats and it doesn't matter to me at all, I like to get along with everyone. I'm looking for a forever home so I can be a companion, Something you should know about me: I have chronic rhinitis, an irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane inside my cute nose. This means I have a runny nose. I would need continued medical care when adopted: antibiotics for associated bacterial infections as they arise, and even a nebulizer, plus periodic nasal flushing which is done at a specialty veterinarian to aid in my comfort. I’m not handicapped by this but need this care in order to be comfortable and allow me to eat and thrive. Give me a call and I’d be glad to discuss more details!Add paragraph text here.