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Keys to Cat Health

Autumn is here, and with it some things to be aware of in order to keep your feline and other pet friends safe.

Mouse poison - As the weather cools, mice seek warm places, maybe with you in your home. If you prefer not to have them as roommates, choose a way to uninvite them that doesn't involve poison because it is also dangerous for pets. We suggest always considering safe, humane pest removal. Symptoms of poison ingestion can include lethargy, pale gums, and blood in feces.

Chrysanthemums - They're lovely to brighten the place up, but their stems and leaves can cause your pet skin irritation, increased levels of saliva, loss of balance, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Fleas and ticks, and mosquitos carrying heartworm - They're still a concern this time of year. Fleas hang out in damp leaf piles, ticks hang out in spots where delicious animals travel by, rest, and eat, and all three insects are active when it's above 40 or 50 degrees, including in your home. Symptoms include itching, lethargy, weight loss, and more.

See your vet for more information on all of these. In case of poisoning and your vet is not available, call the Pet Poison Helpline: 855-289-0358 Please be aware there is a $49 charge, which includes initial and follow-up calls with experts.