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Keys To Health: Here Comes Spring!

And with it .... Fleas!

Keys to Health: Here comes spring -- and fleas! How to protect your pet

The incredible:

- Fleas can jump about 4 inches, which is pretty incredible considering their tiny size!

The bad:

  • Fleas diet is your pet’s blood, and if not prevented or caught in time, the resulting anemia can KILL your cat or dog. Other diseases can develop also and fleas cause tapeworms in our four-legged friends.

What you can do:

- Both your pet and her environment need to be treated to prevent fleas. Treat your pet year round to completely protect them from the fleas. If your pet or her pal goes outside in your yard, treat that area as well - wild animals bring gifts of fleas when they pass through. Vacuum your home regularly to get rid of hitchhikers, add a flea product to your vacuum bag to kill the dormant fleas in your vacuum bag and discard it often.

- Some flea products have the extra benefit of addressing parasites like; hook worms, round worms, whip worms, sarcoptic mange mites, ticks and even heartworms.

-Additionally, brushing your pet with a flea and tick comb and bathing with safe animal friendly shampoos can also reduce your pet’s risk of flea and tick infestation.


- Pets treated with store brand flea treatments are more likely to develop reactions to the medication.

- Use the correct dosage for the pet you have -cat or dog - and her weight. Too strong of a dose can cause serious medical problems including death.

- Pesticides like Permethrin and pyrethrins can act as neurotoxins. Many neurological symptoms can result, including death.

-Permethrin and pyrethrins, are very toxic to cats. Don’t put these ingredients on your dog, either, if you also have a cat that could snuggle up with or brush against it.

Can we suggest a product called Fleabusters(R) for your homes? NOT for your pets. Many of our volunteers have used this product and have been flea-free (knock on wood). Please use according to directions.

If you ever suspect any toxicity to your pet please call or immediately take your pet to your veterinarian or to the closest emergency veterinarian. You may also call The Animal Poison Control Center 24/7 at 855-764-7661 ($59 USD per incident fee applies)