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Meet Little Kitty

Meet Little Kitty, a BSAC long-term foster cat. Little Kitty has been in our long term care for over 10 years. Though she is friendly, she has chronic urinary tract issues, is hyperthyroid and has other ailments requiring daily medications and veterinary checks. She was adopted in her younger years by a nice family who tried their very best to address her on-going behavioral issues but it was mutually agreed that she should live out her life with other cats in the care of BSAC volunteers. The “island of misfit toys” would not be far from a correct description of several long-term foster cats BSAC cares for daily. However, to call them “misfits” would be 100% incorrect. Though they are different in their own ways and surely choose to be among other cats over human interaction, they always show their appreciation at feeding time. These are amazing creatures to observe. Little Kitty says “hello” and asks that you consider donating to BSAC to help with her care for the rest of her life.