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Say NO to Barn Babies at Norwood Day!

Say NO to Barn Babies at Norwood Day!

Apologies to those of you who have reached out to BSAC with your support and BSAC has provided you with very little response. In regards to the Barn Babies that come to Norwood Day….we are not claiming that everything this out-of-town, for profit business does falls into cruelty however, we are 100% claiming the activity they provide at Norwood Day is not acceptable or necessary!

Many of you, and other animal lovers and advocates, have seen and commented on the activity on this day, at this venue with the same disgust as we have expressed.

BABY animals, too young to even be 100% protected from potential health risks themselves, are exposed to hours of consecutive handling, by 1000’s of children and adults, under every weather condition, year after year in the name of “fun” for Norwood families.

What can you do? Please join us as we protest this continued activity moving forward. Please send your written concerns to the selectman directly at

The Norwood Day Committee has completely disregarded this as excessive animal exposure, claiming that family entertainment is more important. They have gone as far as saying, “this is an educational experience”, without getting into the details of that comment, let’s agree that there is no education happening during this passing off of wrapped baby animals to anyone who steps up. If it is education the Norwood Day Committee is seeking please feel free to host a educational experience hosted by professional in the field of animal care, husbandry and rescue. Would any of you donate your beloved pet to this activity? Forcing your pet to be exposed to this amount of restricted, forced handling for an entire day? So please let the Norwood Selectman know that this activity is not welcome nor needed at our Norwood Day.

Did you know that the Norwood Day sponsor gives this for profit business $1000 to provide this “circus-like” event?

BSAC has offered $1,000 to the Norwood Day committee to pay the Barn Babies NOT to come to this event. Additionally, BSAC has requested directly with the head of the Norwood Day Committee to provide vaccine and zoonotic disease information to the public regarding every pet that is brought to the event, without any response.

Responding directly to BSAC will not get the job done. Reach out to the selectman and say “NO” to the Barn Babies at Norwood Day at Please post this on FB, tell others and let’s stand up together for these helpless creatures. They are not toys for entertainment, period!

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