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Say NO to Barn Babies at Norwood Day!

Say NO to Barn Babies at Norwood Day!

Say NO to Barn Babies at Norwood Day

Key points to Note:

● We feel this activity, in the name of “FUN”, is the epitome of animal exploitation.

● We have offered $1,000 to cancel this event this year-NOW! Before Sept. 10th

● We have expressed genuine concerns for the health and welfare of infant animals that are not yet old enough to be 100% vaccinated against potential disease.

● We have requested copies of rabies vaccines. We have requested diagnostic testing to confirm that there is no risk to the public regarding animal to human disease transmission, without any response.

What can you do? Please join us as we protest this event IF it continues to be present at Norwood Day 2016 AND please send your written concerns to the selectmen directly at

Responding directly to BSAC will not get the job done. Reach out to the selectmen and say “NO” to the Barn Babies at Norwood Day at

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