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Goldie has found a forever home!

Happy New Year to All!

Goldie is a great descriptive name for this wonderfully colored, orange tiger kitty. He is not young but he is surely wise and humble. Estimated age is 8 years old. Sadly, Goldie’s elderly human mom passed away and the family was unable to take him in. Goldie's owner was wheelchair bound and Goldie was comfortable being a lap cat. Goldie was very affectionate with the the staff at the facility where her owner was getting her care and always welcomed their pats and treats. Thankfully, one of our volunteers was in the right place at the right time to welcome him to our community of cats seeking new homes. We are now so happy to announce he is going to his new forever home where he will have a kitty friend and a patient family, looking forward to giving him lots of attention!!!

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