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Hey there! Did you know?

You can donate at a convenient drop off box

The good folks at Jefferson One Upland.Apartments are kindly providing a central donation location. Come by to the leasing office at 8 Upland Woods Circle, Norwood on weekdays between 9-5 and weekends 10-5 to drop off:

  • Cat litter - any, but Scoop Away is especially appreciated (at BJ’s!)

  • High quality dry and canned food for your older cats in foster, such as Science Diet (over age 7), Merrick, Instinct, Blue Buffalo, Halo

  • Kitten wet and dry food

  • New or gently used cat beds and scratching poles

  • Pill pockets - to help make medication time more pleasant

(No linens are needed at the moment.) For more on donating, visit our website and click 'How to help’. The kitties appreciate it!

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