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We stick by all our cats. Even unadoptable ones.


Help us by sponsoring a long-term foster cat.

Please consider regular monthly donations to support the many we care for for the rest of their lives, such as Piper.


Remember Piper from our January article? She had an exam and another small mammary mass was observed. After a chest x-ray was performed, it was confirmed that the breast cancer was back and had metastasized to her chest. She will receive palliative care from her loving foster family for as long as she continues to be comfortable.


Help us to continue the care of Piper and other long-term fosters in need. What your monthly donation makes possible:

$5: litter for 1 month

$10: food for 1 month

$15: flea treatment and dewormer

$20: annual veterinary visits including typical tests and vaccines


Visit us at and click the Donate button. Thanks!

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