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Keys to Health: Tame the Effects of Winter

Here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy and warm this season.

  • Depending on a dog’s length of fur, age, level of health, and even height, they may need your help. Those with shorter fur have less natural protection, and the bellies of shorties can come in contact with piled-up snow. You can help them out by having them wear protective clothing.

  • Be aware that snow and ice can collect between paw pads. Periodically warming them with your hands to melt it can help.

  • Young and old pets, as well as those with arthritis and medical conditions that make it difficult to control body temperature (such as diabetes and kidney

    disease) may be more comfortable if you shorten the length of time spent outdoors.

  • Outdoor cats can climb into car engines for protection from the weather. Before starting your car, be sure to bang on the hood and honk the horn to give them a chance to make a quick exit.
    For more tips, visit the American Veterinary Medical Foundation site and use the search term ‘cold weather pet safety'.