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Sponsor a Long Term Foster Cat!

This is Skipper!

Want to sponsor a long-term foster cat? Please consider regular monthly donations to support the many we care for for the rest of their lives.

Skipper was found as a stray kitten with a scarred ear from a hematoma and suffering with ringworm. She has some behavioral issues but living where and with whom she does, it makes no difference. She has difficulty living with humans, but is very content with her feral friends, and loves snuggling with them. She allows petting and brushing but prefers not to admit it's being done by a human. Lately she has been rubbing up against her caregiver and looking for head scratches! She is approximately 13 and has had a few medical issues but is doing quite well currently. She has had dentistry work, which has been a big expense for BSAC.

Help us to continue the care of Skipper and other long-term fosters in need. What your monthly donation makes possible:

$5: litter for 1 month

$10: food for 1 month

$15: flea treatment and dewormer

$20: annual veterinary visits including typical tests and vaccines

Visit us at and click the Donate button. Thanks!