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Sponsor a Feral with Feline Leukemia!

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Freddy is a feral cat being fed by a BSAC volunteer for 6 years - who was happily living outside with his girlfriend Giselle. Recently one day when the volunteer showed up to feed, she noticed Freddy was drooling excessively and was bloody. Freddy was trapped and sent to the vet. During his examination it was discovered that he had a huge hole on the side of his face from an accessed tooth that ruptured they removed the bad teeth and stitched up his face. He was tested for leukemia where sadly he tested positive. Due to the disease being very contagious, he cannot be released back to his outside life. Freddy now resides inside where he can live out the rest of his life safe, warm and fed and can get the constant medical care he needs with his condition. Consider sponsoring Freddy to help us continue with his care!