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Sponsor one of our Special Needs Cats!

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Special Needs Cat, Contact Us through our Contact Page!

Meet Spike - an FIV Cat

A super sweet FIV older man with a great personality and disposition. Excuse his awkward mouth appearance he has had all but one tooth removed over his several years with BSAC in long-term foster care. He lives with other cats. He also lives with a dog which he does not choose to be friends with. They argue like brothers daily (seriously argue, no fighting). He is very content and would consider another home if it presented itself but in the meantime loves life! He lived outside in a colony until the caretaker took him inside to see how he would do and the rest is history! He requires more than annual veterinary visits as he ages. Though he is not on any medications he may require "elder care" before we know it. Consider being his life long sponsor as he is one of our many deserving felines we are happy to love forever.

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Meet Elma - A Special Needs Kitty

I'm named after the Street I was found on - "Elm". I was trapped to be spayed and returned to the yard I had resided in for quite sometime. But the surgery resulted in the veterinarian removing a deceased kitten that was perforated through my uterus during the surgery. I'm lucky to be alive. The herniation prevented me from being a good release candidate as I was risk for further herniation of my uterus. A couple months after I was placed in foster care, I had a second surgery to further repair my uterus. Though I recovered quite well, I was, and continue to be, a kitty needing to be observed in a safe indoor environment for the rest of my life. I like it here in foster. I'm content watching things around me and I enjoy being petted when the humans are hanging around with the other cats. I don't mind the dog either. I prefer not to be held -- but not many cats really do, right? I am currently not on any medications and would consider a new home but would prefer to be under the forever care of BSACas they promised to care for me forever. I'm not young but age is irrelevant to me.

Consider helping with my food and shelter requirements - allowing BSAC to help other cats in need. I know I will surely be thankful.

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