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Sponsor an FIV or Felv Cat this Holiday Season!

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Looking to do something meaningful to support BSACs Felv and FIV cats this holiday season? Consider a sponsoring a Feline Leukemia positive cat, like Dude, for just $25. This handsome gray cat is presently in foster. He was rescued from a large colony and was observed to be friendly. . He is sweet and affectionate. You can come and meet him in his foster placement if you are interested in sponsoring him! Your monthly contributions will ensure he gets the care he needs for as long as he needs it for current and future medical expenses, more frequent physical exams, more frequent dental care, dietary monitoring as he gets older, supportive care including; hydration therapy, medications, pain and comfort therapy, unending physical and emotional support and lastly, end of life care! Contact us on our contact page and we will set you up as a Sponsor Parent!