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Who would take your pet if you were not able to keep her any longer?

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Life can throw us curveballs that makes it impossible for us to keep our beloved furry friend - we lose our job, we get evicted, we get divorced, we have a health issue. Sometimes it is a positive change - we get married, have new children or new pets in the household. Many animal-loving people overextend themselves, and when unexpected situations arise, they are not prepared to address their pet’s future. BSAC regularly receives cats for such reasons. We ask that pet owners think ahead and prepare for circumstances that can lead to having to give up our cherished pets.

  • DO ask family, friends, and co-workers if your pet's personality and needs would be a good match for their family or someone else they know.

  • DO ask your vet for suggestions.

  • DON’T put your pet outdoors. She is an animal, but she is a tame animal, and has not learned to survive outside. (Predators, insects, and diseases make it dangerous for cats to live outdoors in any case.)

  • DON’T leave your pet behind in the home if you have been evicted. This is illegal -- it breaks animal cruelty laws, even if you leave food and water for her. This also leaves your pet an uncertain future, since she may be taken to be euthanized.