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    Bay State Animal Cooperative

    A Safe, Loving, No Kill Rescue for our Animals




  • About BSAC

    Our Mission:

    To practice a no-kill philosophy while providing humane resources and services aimed at reducing animal overpopulation and unnecessary suffering for companion, stray, relinquished and feral animals.

    We work cooperatively with other humane organizations, local municipalities and the community to develop and implement programs including but not limited to:

    • Low-cost spay/neuter assistance,
    • Low-cost medical care,
    • Trap-neuter-return (TNR),
    • Community outreach programs and events,
    • Rescue,  shelter and adoption,
    • Mobile medical, adoption and education services, 
    • Fundraising events, and 
    • A sanctuary.

    We are funded entirely by donations and operate completely by volunteers.

    BSAC is a 501(c)3 charitable/non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


  • Donate Now

    Your tax-deductible gift to the Bay State Animal Cooperative helps ensure animals in distress receive the care they need, as well as a chance to be adopted into a caring home.


    We gratefully accept any amount. If you would like to pay by check, please make checks payable to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. and mail to:

    Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc.
    PO BOX # 932
    Norwood, MA 02062


  • Donate Now for the WHS Humane Society #BettyWhiteChallenge


    You might have heard about the upcoming #BettyWhiteChallenge, a viral campaign urging Betty White fans and animal lovers across the nation to donate to shelters and rescues in honor of her 100th birthday on January 17th.


    Betty was one of the biggest advocates for animals in need, so we invite you to be part of this campaign.


    Together, we can help make Betty White's legacy live on. Please consider a donation on January 17th, to Bay State Animal Cooperative in memory of Betty White.


    We gratefully accept any amount. If you would like to pay by check, please make checks payable to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. and mail to:

    Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc.
    PO BOX # 932
    Norwood, MA 02062


  • Shop Now

    Our 2024 Calendars are ready to ship! Order now! $18.00 for hand delivered in Norwood or $20.00 which included shipping, required outside of Norwood

  • Board of Directors

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    Marcia Motta

    Founder and President

    I founded the Bay State Animal Cooperative, a 501(c)3 animal rescue organization in 2009 and proudly serve as the volunteer President, foster caregiver, treasurer and trapper. As an animal advocate since childhood, I am proud to stand by other passionate volunteers and directors that help mold this organization. I have supported a no-kill philosophy since I can remember and it is the back-bone of my everyday life with animals.

    Animal rescue, advocacy, support and welfare has been my destiny and I have actively pursued this passion since the early 1980’s. Though it all began in 1964 a small town in NH where I raised with an array of rodents, rabbits, dogs, reptiles and great “human” family support.

    I currently share my home with two dogs, Bailey and Anderson, and my cat, Talia, in addition to several long foster cats. I have two grown independent daughters and a son who all share their lives with adopted cats and dogs.

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Emmanuel College. I have completed many animal science and veterinary technician courses. In 2017, I passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam and am a Massachusetts Certified Veterinary Technician. Additionally, I have held many roles over the years involving animals including; TNR specialist, executive director of another no-kill rescue group, member of the mass animal coalition, and partner with animal control officers, rescues, businesses and schools to educate and assist with feline rescue and adoption.

    As a professional pet sitter and dog walker I feel lucky to be able to share every day with animals while assisting pet owners. The coordination of many past and present part-time professions has allowed me to rescue, care for, adopt and spay/neuter thousands of felines over the past 20 years of my life while experiencing many memories with my friends and family.

    Though life is hectic and a bit overwhelming at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Rita Crowell

    Vice President

    I am a retired high school Science Department Director with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters degree. I taught for 30 years and have had various volunteer experiences throughout that time.


    My experience with BSAC has grown by stages. BSAC was the group that I first encountered as a result of kitten visitors in my yard. I needed help and BSAC had suggestions and advice. After a short time, my interest in cats, the attitude of the public towards cats, and how I could help to make the lives of cats and kittens better sent me in a new direction. Educating individuals to help themselves and the cats in their neighborhoods are important to me. BSAC provided the framework for my interests and a way to move forward to provide that help. The goals of the organization are core values that I can support. As a result I became the BSAC shelter manager at a place where myself, and many volunteers would house and care for cats and kittens that were waiting for forever homes.

    I am an ardent supporter of animal rights using various internet petition sites, including paid memberships to many animal support groups


    My present position at BSAC is vice president. I perform various volunteer functions in the group:


    Maintain the pictures and bios on Petfinder of our available cats and kittens

    Track of all trapping equipment (including pickup and delivery)

    • Perform TNR (trap, neuter, return) in the community and track colony locations
    • Provide temporary foster care for many cats and kittens that are transitioning to foster or adoptive homes
    • Build and maintain shelters and feeding stations for feral cat colonies
    • Transport cats to doctor appointments, spay/neuter
    • Post pictures and biographies of our cats in a flyer that is
    • distributed to vet offices and clinics and pet stores
    • Process adoption applications, when added help is needed
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    Michele Taranto


    I am the volunteer coordinator with the Bay State Animal Cooperative and could not be happier with my choice of volunteer work. I was first introduced to Bay State approximately 18 years ago when I was looking for a companion for my adult cat. I was introduced to a friendly feral cat named Cinnamon, and while my family thought my cat was too attached to me to share his home, it could not have been a better fit. They were best friends, and Cinnamon is still with me today at 20 years old!


    I started out volunteering with fundraising and administration and was happy to expand my services to volunteer coordinator and working with the cats within our adoption center. I am proud to be a member of BSAC not only because of their no-kill philosophy, but also with its dedication to providing valuable resources to reduce animal overpopulation, assisting pet owners who would otherwise have not humane alternative and educating young and old about rescuing and caring for animals. I also attracted to BSAC as the organization takes in special needs and older cats and will care for them until the exact fit if found...as long as it take. There is no better feeling than finding the purrfect forever home for our beloved felines and brightening the lives of their new families.


    I currently have three cats, all adopted through BSAC. I am a Realtor with Keller Williams and love the fact that I not only help find homes for people but for cats who, without BSAC, might not benefit from a second chance to be part of a loving family.

  • Adoption

    Thank you for your interest in applying for a new pet. Please know that priority will be given to applications less than an hour from our corporate address as we reserve the right to visit our adopted pets at any time. Additionally, we support adopting close to home where you can get follow up support for the animal you adopt. If you reside a long distance from us, we encourage you to seek your local resources and opt not to apply through Bay State Animal Cooperative but if you still choose to apply understand we may not be able to accept your application.

    You can apply online here or download our Adoption Application in Word Format.


    You can visit any of our cats by appointment to see them in their foster homes. Please note this can only be done by making an appointment so that we may have one of our volunteers assist you. For an appointment, contact us via email at info@baystateanimals.org.


    Bring all members of your household.

    Try not to get attached to a particular cat. Our adoption counselors are trained to work with you to find the best match for your household.

    When submitting an adoption application, include information about your past and current pets, veterinarian, your housing situation, etc.

  • Meet Our Cats

    Featured Cats for AdoptionApplications can be downloaded here

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    About Gabby


    Gabby is an 11 year old independent kitty whose human has moved to a nursing home. Gabby takes her sweet time to adjust to new folks and reacts cautiously.
    Her new foster has reported that she’s “a completely different cat”. since she was taken in just a few weeks ago.
    Gabby is exploring, rubbing against her foster moms legs, and purring up a storm. It’s clear that it takes her some time to feel comfortable.
    Can you give Gabby her new lease on life with a new human? She’s so deserving.
    Pick Gabby if you are patient, have no other cats (as we are unsure how that might affect her), best in a home without young children. A compassionate soul is what Gabby seeks ??
    If you are interested in adopting Gabby please submit a non-commitment application which you can find on our website at www.baystateanimals.org. There is a $175 adoption fee to apply towards her medical updates and care.


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    Meet Jess

    About Jess


    Rescued from outdoors after living on the streets for quite sometime. One very frigid night she was let inside an animal lovers home and the rest is history. She was pregnant and had her kittens recently.
    Jess is now spayed, vaccinated, tested for feline diseases and microchipped yeahhhh!!!!
    If you are interested in adopting Jess please submit a non-commitment application which you can find on our website at www.baystateanimals.org. There is a $175 adoption fee to apply towards her medical updates and care.


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    Meet Oliver

    About Oliver


    Oliver (Ollie) is almost 7 and has a black nose. Oliver could probably live with other cats but we do not know his dog preference as he has not been exposed to dogs.

    Ollie is a lover, loves attention and will intervene if other cats are getting attention. Though this behavior will take a while to develop.

    Oliver (Ollie) is shy with strangers but is a lover (he will usually hide when he hears a strange voice). However, once Ollie knows you, he will want to sit near you and cuddle.

    Young children would be hard for Ollie to handle as he might be afraid of loud noises and quick movements. We think older children would be fine.

    Up to date on all shots and I have all medical records.

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    Meet Earl

    About Earl

    Earl is almost 12 and has a pink nose. Earl could probably live with other cats but we do not know his dog preference as he has not been exposed to dogs.

    Earl enjoys pats but does not like to be held. Earl is independent and not afraid of strangers.

    Earl has a cardiac condition requiring daily medications. Though he is currently acting like a kitten he is surely compromised and needs a new owner ready to take on this challenge. He’s worth every bit of the care he needs. It’s all about making sure Earl lives a healthy retirement.

    Children should be fine for Earl.

    Up to date on all shots and I have all medical records.

  • Sponsor Our Long Term Foster Cats.....

    These semi-feral cats live a comfortable life together, but they need your sponsorship. Please consider a monthly contribution to sponsor one of these cats so we can continue to keep them safe! We need special food, medication and veterinary care for these beautiful cats and your help is needed!

    To sponsor, please pledge any denomination through the website or send a monthly check to:

    Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. PO BOX # 932 Norwood, MA 02062 to support these long term fosters expenses.


    Let’s first first clarify what we consider a long-term foster cat. A long term foster cat is one we have taken in as a surrender or rescued during a trap-neuter-return situation. A long term foster could be a compromised cat taken from a local kill shelter that was not willing to spend their funds or their time on an “unadoptable, imperfect” cat, and in our professional opinion is worth saving and loving in the manner they deserve.

    We too have determined these creatures to be atypical and adoption is not a great option but long term fostering fits their needs.

    What makes a cat a long term foster cat in our opinion, depends on many factors. In some cases, the cats can be aggressive towards humans, but love fellow kitties. In some cases, the cat is rescued with one or more diseases, injuries, or ailments that most adoptive parents are not looking for. In some cases, the kitties were rescued or surrendered for all the right reasons, but in the end, were determined to be creatures who would not do well in the general human population.

    Like all things, the ability to sustain a long term foster cat’s existence, depends upon resources, and many many sacrifices. Sacrifices and resources shared by the long-term foster caretakers and our organization.

    We need sponsors to help us help them for the entirety of their lives.

    Help us to continue the care for our long-term fosters.

    What your monthly donation makes possible:

    $10: litter for 1 month

    $12: flea treatment for 1 month

    $15: food for 1 month


    $25: Annual exam and core annual vaccines

    $35: annual wellness or senior blood work

    $50: sick/disease related work ups to evaluate quality of life.

    Quality of life, priceless!



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    Meet Pete

    About Pete

    Where does his story begin? Pete was rescued from the great outdoors like so many other kittens. He and his siblings were on the older side of kittenhood and slightly harder to socialize. Ideally 8 - 12 weeks of age is an ideal guideline for easier socialization leading to adoption. Pete and his siblings were 3 to 4 months and needless to say, their socializing was a bit longer. However they were ready for new homes and he and his 2 siblings were all adopted to the same fabulous family. Pete, however, did not transition well and cowed in the corners, slithered from place to place, (unlike how he acted at his fosters) and it was agreed by the new parents and BSAC that he should return to the only home he'd ever known - his foster. Pete loved being back in what is now his "long-term" foster where he demonstrates common behaviours of outdoor kitties. As such, he is considered "un-adoptable". He marks his territory, bullies the new foster cats, but has grown to love his humans and select roommates.Controlling his environment has curbed his need to express bad behaviours. That's just what we do!


    How can you help Pete? Consider sponsoring him with a monthly donation in his name through our website or send a check to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. PO BOX # 932 Norwood, MA 02062

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    Meet Swansea

    About Swansea

    Swansea is a long-term foster cat that has been in our care since the mid 2000’s. Like most of our long-term foster cats, she was trapped after a tragedy hit her family. As a feral cat, she lived outside on a porch cared for by a wonderful man. He provided her with a shelter (heated) and food. She had not been spayed and had kittens in the shelter. One cold winter night, Swansea’s 4 kittens became victims to a hungry raccoon. There was a fight as Swansea fended forever her kittens. One was killed and sadly Swansea was severely injured. Her rear leg was torn from her body.
    Her caretaker contacted Bay State Animal Cooperative and we went into action. We worked several days to trap her and her 3 remaining kittens. Luckily the kittens were safe and later adopted. Swansea had to have emergency surgery and her rear limb was amputated. It was evident that going back to her previous existence was not in her best interest. As a true feral, Swansea was placed with existing ferals in a sanctuary where she adjusted fabulously. She is getting older, and has slowed down a bit but is happy. Swansea and all of our long-term fosters, are fed a grain-free canned and dry food diet. We expect more medical expenses as she grows older along with her friends and your help and support is appreciated.

    Consider monthly recurring donations through our website http://www.baystateanimals.org or send monthly checks to Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. PO BOX # 932 Norwood, MA 02062 to help support Swansea and the other long term foster cats that are cared for daily by Bay State Animal Cooperative.

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    Amy, Swansea and JR

    broken image

    Meemee, Paul and JR

    Snuggle time! Its important we all share the same bed.

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    Indoor/Outdoor cat sanctuary

  • Volunteer


    • Volunteer Coordinators

    • Foster Parents

    • Adoption Coordinators

    • Adoption Counselors (we will train you)

    • Animal Transport- to and from vet appointments

    • Fund-Raising Coordinators

    • Administrative Assistants
    • Pick up and transport of donated food-in your car or truck (mileage is tax-deductible!)

    • Grant Writers

    • and more...new ideas are always welcome!

    Please fill out a volunteer application form on-line.

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    February 6, 2024
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    Dear Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc , We are getting closer to kicking off Clear the...
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